Types of Real Estate Financing



Real estate financing is an essential aspect of the real estate industry.​ Whether you are looking to purchase a residential property or invest in commercial real estate‚ loans and mortgages are commonly used financial instruments to fund these transactions.​ In this article‚ we will explore the different types of real estate financing options‚ their benefits and drawbacks‚ and how to choose the right financing solution for your needs.

Types of Real Estate Financing

1.​ Traditional Loans

Traditional loans‚ also known as conventional loans‚ are offered by banks‚ credit unions‚ and other financial institutions.​ These loans are typically used for residential properties and require a down payment‚ often around 20% of the purchase price.​ The loan is repaid over a specified period‚ usually 15 to 30 years‚ with fixed or adjustable interest rates.​

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